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New Products in the Dog Industry

The dog industry keeps expanding with new ideas and upgraded products. Check out these five new products that have surfaced in 2020 that you may just want your pup to have!

1. Aquapaw Pro

If you have a large dog breed, a dog with long hair, or a dog with thick hair, this product may just be the one for you. This new product is a brush and water sprayer in one. This bathing device allows you to control the water and brush out your dog at the same time. Aquapaw Pro makes it easier to give your dog a bath and it helps ensure that all the soap is rinsed out of your dog’s fur.

2. Paikka sun and Bug Shirt

This new dog shirt is great if your dog is outside a lot. The dog shirt comes in one pattern, zebra, which is not only to make a fashion statement but to also keep the bugs away. Zebra pattern is said to be a natural bug repellent, so you may want to match your dog if you don’t like insects! This dog shirt is also treated with UV protection to decrease the risk of your dog becoming sunburned.

3. Muttluks Deluxe

These are new dog booties that will be released in September. These booties have a lot of new features that can keep your pup’s paws protected in different weather conditions. Some of the new features include having a long cuff so you can go into snow, having a self-tightening fastener around their ankles, and being water and windproof.

4. Nite Ize Nitedog Rechargeable LED Leash

This is a weather resistant leash that is lit up with LED lights over the full length of the leash. The leash comes in two color options, blue and yellow/green. The leash will stay lit up for up to 6.5 hours off a single charge. If you and your dog like to go on early morning or night walks, this might just be what you need.

5. Ruffwear Pack Out Bag

This is a very unique product that came to the dog market. This is a bag you can wear around your waist or attach to your backpack or belt loop. This bag is designed to carry used poop bags and contain the odor inside the bag while you are out hiking or walking with your dog. The inside of the bag has water proof lining and is said to be funk resistant.

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