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How to Prevent Hair Matting

All pet owners know the struggle of wearing their pet’s hair all over their clothes. Brushing your pet on a regular basis actually has many benefits, one of which is decreasing the amount of hair that ends up on your clothes.

Some of the other benefits of brushing your pet includes growing a deeper bond, reducing shedding, noticing anything unusual, and preventing matting.

When your pet develops mats, it is actually a serious issue. The longer a mat forms, the more painful it becomes for your pet. Imagine having a super tight ponytail that is constantly pulling on your skin, this is essentially what your pet feels with mats.

Mats form when your pet’s hair becomes entangled and clumps together, which occurs most frequently in areas of high friction such as under a collar, behind the ears, and around the tail area. If a mat is not corrected early on, the mat will continue to grow larger and closer to your pet’s skin. Brushing your pet frequently and with the correct brushes will prevent your pup from becoming matted.

For long hair and double coated pets, you have to use brushes that go all the way through the hair and not just brush the top layer of fur. Using only a brush that goes over the top layer of fur can actually worsen any mats that are already formed. It is highly recommended to use other types of brushes that go all the way through the hair including a metal comb, slicker brush, and an undercoat rake.

Even if you take your pet to the groomer, you will still need to do maintenance brushing in between appointments. Depending on the coat type of your dog and if it is shedding season, you may have to brush your dog weekly or even daily.

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