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Meet The Team



Hi! I'm Brittany and I work at PAWS. I love my job because it means I get to do what I love and be around dogs everyday! I've worked with animals professionally for 10 years and personally all of my life.. I am a proud mom of two boys and 6 pets, so when I am not caring for my babies at home, I am loving and caring for yours at PAWS.

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 I’m a part time groomer at Paws Concierge! I have always loved all animals since I was a kid and knew I would choose a career path that would let me be around them all the time! I have now been a groomer for 6 years! Although I do not groom cats, my favorite thing to do besides groom dogs is spend time with my spoiled cat Spike! 



I have been working at PAWS since late 2018. I am currently a full time college student, but I love working at PAWS when I can. I've loved dogs my whole life and care for 3 black labs at the moment. Keeping your pups safe and happy makes me happy!

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Hi! I am an employee here at PAWS where I both work the doggy daycare and as a dog walker for home visits. Since I was little I've always loved animals and being around animals, so when I got older I started pet-sitting for my neighbors, leading to me working with animals for about 6 years. 

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My name is Anna Rico and I have been an employee at Paws for about 6 months now. My favorite part about working here is getting to meet all the different types of dogs. I have loved animals ever since I can remember and plan on having a career centered around pets/other animals, so working at Paws has given me a lot of good experience in this field. 

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I'm one of the pet attendants at PAWS. I decided to work with animals ever since my mom and I got involved with fostering in 2011. We both fell in love with providing these animals a temporary loving home. I love animals, but I particularly like farm animals. 



I'm Sherrill, the owner of PAWS. I've loved dogs and cats for as long as I can remember. I spend my days surrounded by dogs at my kennel free doggy daycare. I am also the president of the nonprofit Dog Warriors Rescue. 



My name is Heather and I am a dog supervisor over at PAWS. I have been working with animals since 2015 and that’s all I have done since. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting to love on, care for, and know your fur babies. I am currently a rising senior at UNCW! 



My name is Mikala Verderosa and I am an alumn at Meredith College. Since my sophomore year of high school I began working at Paws. I have experience taking care of people’s rabbits, birds, cats and many dogs. 

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